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2022 | Short Film | Horror/Fantasy | 8:20 mins

A menacing spirit lurks in the mangroves waiting for an unsuspecting victim. She is the Brackish Undertaker, cursed by the crown she wears.

Now available on ALTER!

About ALTER:
ALTER is an ever-expanding platform for the most daring storytellers in the world of horror. We are a home, community and launching pad for our filmmakers. Slip into the dark, disturbing corners of cutting-edge horror.



Writer/Director - Christa Boarini
Producer - Sean Berger
Producer - Christa Boarini
Executive Producer - David Grove Churchill Viste
Director of Photography - Colin Trenbeath
Editor - Bob Mori
Composer - Justin Hogan
Makeup Artist - Jess Marie
Hair Stylist - Patricia Sorg
Sound Mixer - Rachel Cameron
Sound Mixer - Nathaniel Fennell
Production Assistant - David Gracey
Production Assistant - Kristen Kohn
VFX Artist - Perry Kroll

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